We use the PTA's memberhub web site to host and manage signups for our volunteers.  To access the main listing of volunteer opportunities, you can go to:  https://hollywoodhillselementary.memberhub.com/hubs/33891/signup_forms

If you do not have an account on that site, one way to join the site is through this link: https://hollywoodhillselementary.memberhub.com/join/jlgicd   By signing up for an account, you will also receive email announcements and newsletters from our PTA.  Creating an account, without becoming a PTA member, is a two-step process.  First, join the PTA's memberhub site starting HERE.   Then, we need to approve your account, after which you'll receive an email and be allowed to access the site.    

However, it's faster, and helps the PTA, if you join the PTA.  To do that, please start on this page: https://hollywoodhillselementary.memberhub.store/   If you join PTA through the store, you'll get an email with account information, and you only have to set a password in order to access the memberhub site.


To volunteer for the upcoming Field Day (one day the week of December 2-6) start here: https://hollywoodhillselementary.memberhub.com/HSR33891I22184

To volunteer for the upcoming Holiday shop (running from December 11-17), start here: https://hollywoodhillselementary.memberhub.com/hubs/33891/signup_forms 

To volunteer for the upcoming Day of Awesomeness (December 9th), start here: https://hollywoodhillselementary.memberhub.com/HSR33891I22186


The calendar feed below shows upcoming events for which we need volunteers: